The Purpose and Scope of the Sparsholt Parish Community Plan


Following a meeting in the village hall on 6th September, attended by 43 residents of Sparsholt and Westcot, it was decided to develop a community plan for the Sparsholt Parish. A steering group of volunteers was formed to lead and facilitate the development of the plan.


The purpose of the plan is to set out what is important to our community having consulted and engaged with as many residents as possible. It will provide a ten year vision and an agreed framework within which the protection, preservation and improvement of our community’s priority issues can be accomplished. The intention is to protect the high quality physical and social environment of the villages whilst allowing for sustainable changes that accord with preserving our community as an historic rural settlement in open country. The plan is to be used to identify actions and guide future decision making.


The survey of residents indicated that a wide variety of subjects are close to their hearts including the environment, roads and paths, drainage, amenities, planning, conservation, transport, economy and leisure, amongst many others. The scope of our plan will be decided by residents during consultation and engagement processes that are facilitated by the steering group. The plan should be limited to the geographical and political boundaries of the parish and will look in some detail at the actions required over the next five years but develop a broader vision that looks out to ten years. Account will be taken of the views of those individuals or organisations that are affected by our plan as well as those that have an influence on the achievement of our community’s priorities.

Steering Group (05/10/10)